Laser Depilation (Type: Alexandrite 755)

With this type of Laser (Alexandrite 755) we can achieve permanent hair reduction.A number of sessions are required depending of the skin area and other parameters. Optimum results are seen in calves, bikini area and axilla and good results in the areas of tights, arms and face.

The key for a successful depilation is the damage of the hair follicle with minimal damage of the rest of the skin tissue. The damage of the hair follicle during the anagenic face of the hair life is another important parameter in this procedure. Therefore, a number of sessions are necessary for best results.

The way that Lasers work for Laser depilation is called selective photothermolysis. It is the absorbsion of the energy by the melanin of the hair and hair follicle. This causes increasing temperature and finally destroys the hair follicle and thus the ability to regenerate hair. Depending of the body area and the specific characteristics of each individual (number, thickness and color of hair, skin phototype etc.) a different number of sessions is required. The treatment is well tolerated in most cases, particularly with the use of anesthetic ointment Emla 5% an hour before, in the most sensitive areas of the body. The duration of each session also varies depending on the extent of the waxing area, a few minutes to few hours. After each session we suggest the use of a sedative ointment and avoid sun exposure.

Skin Discolorations (Alexandrite 755)

Different types of skin discoloration lesions ,senile spots, photodynamic spots, shobberoic keratosis, venous lakes may subside with the use of Laser Alexandrite 755. The mechanism of action is in this case is the selective fotothermolysis as explained above. One or more sessions may be required to fade out these discolorations.

Vascular Lessions (ND-YAG 1064)

Small vessels of the face and legs can sometimes be apparent cousing an unpleasant appearance. The use of Nd-yag Laser can be very successful treating these type of vascular lesions. The wavelength of this Laser is absorbed by the red cells and can damage the vessel without causing any other effect to the surrounding tissues. It is also another use of the mechanism of selective photothermolysis. Repetition of the procedure may be required in 20-30 days. Sometimes 2-3 sessions may be necessary.

Skin Tightening, Adne Scars, Five Wrinkles (ND-YAG)

Use of Nd-Yag in the areas of face and neck can give very good results such as better appearance, skin tightening, refining fine wrinkles, acne scars etc. The mechanism of action is the absorbsion of the energy and the damage of the dermal vascular net (part of) with all the sequent effects such as regeneration of collagen and better skin tone. This new collagen is now placed between dermis and epidermis resulting in refining fine wrinkles acne scars and better appearance.

Skin Lessions (CO2 Laser)

This is another type of Laser that can be used in order to excise, without leaving a scar to different types of skin lesions. Tangential excision and CO2 Laser use can leave part of the dermis and thus leaving no scar when this is indicated.

Procedure duration: 
Not required
Not required
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Recovery time: 
Directly, up to several days
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